Why so serious?

Konny hat im letzten Jahr auch etwas über Brüssel geschreiben, in diesem Jahr bin ich dran. Konny schrieb über den möglichen Zusammenschluss der europäischen Streitkräfte. Ich hingegen habe mich mit dem Marketing Versagen der EU befasst. Und da wir beide nicht freiwillig in Brüssel waren, ist dies meine Hausarbeit und aus diesem Grund in englischer Sprache.

It‘s an important topic, but in most cases it needs a lot of straight paperwork. But most importantly it could need some fresh blood. Why present a significant issue boring and uninteresting?

The european union should be a thing for everyone. Because it concerns everyone. Especially us – the youth. The Future of the european union. We, a group of up and coming journalists, went to brussels to learn about the european union. About all of it. The council, the congress and the parliament. Always on the edge of: This sounds important but… ah it Is dry and I could not focus.

This Is my point of view. I came to brussels with zero to nothing interest in politics. Of course, back home I take my part in every election, because I do not want to complain without trying to be part of the change. But even there I nearly have a vague idea of what the politics mean. What they stand for and what they want to achieve. I vote what fits me most. But i know deep down the election program is not much of a difference. I lose interest as soon as it gets to serious politics because nobody ever gets to me. The politicians in charge are masters in taking an important topic and making it boring.

But back to brussels.

This Is the place where laws are made and the union is made. I should pay more attention in everything what happens down there. It directly affects my life.

So why don‘t have I the slightest interests in the european union?

Because I don‘t get it. During our week we get a look inside the european engine like very few people get. Especially folks at my age.

So why am I not the happiest man on earth? Why didn‘t I want to be a part of everything that happens in brussels?

Because the (I will call it) marketing of the EU doesn‘t fit my generation. It doesn‘t fit people like me. Young journalists with a wide range of interests. At my age it doesn’t need much. Excite me for a play at the local theatre and I will burn for it. Don‘t make it dry. Present it to me, to my generation, as if you really want me to be interested. Do not present it to me the same way you would present it to people who already love it. Who are in it, with all their heart. Bring it to us like you want us to take part.

And this was me.

Talking (metaphoric) to the european union. Making a direct ask:

Please my dear european union.

Please all the politicians.

Please all of the people who talk about my generation as if we don’t care!

Please make politics interesting again.

We, myself included, we want to take part.

We want to have an opinion.

But most of all: We want to be excited.

I don’t mean to watch a Michael Bay movie about the depths of the european union! I want to get presentations that didn‘t put me to sleep, while the topic would be so important.

I think the people in charge of the european union’s image should take care of us. The up and coming – interested in everything and nothing -generation which is us. Take your time and try to get close to us. Try to keep it simple. If you ignite our interests in politics at an easy level we could get to the complex part of it after we burn. Don’t throw our candle of interest in the ocean and try to ignite it. This hasn‘t worked.

Posted on 20. Dezember 2017 in Allgemein

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